Muriel Tice has a passion to create. As a lifelong learner she has been doing a dance with clay for 35 years. 

Muriel loves the wheel and currently works in porcelain and stoneware. She is influenced by the Japanese tradition of pottery and the historical ceramics of the African and Minoan cultures. Form, line, surface and texture are qualities she incorporates into her work. She fires in both oxidation and reduction atmospheres.

As a child she played actively in dirt, mud, and sand creating imaginary objects and making them come to life in her fantasy world. As an adult, she discovered those magic qualities of clay and was hooked. She had entered the playful side of her psyche and she reveled in it.

Muriel's work enhances the experience of sharing a meal together. 

Muriel has a Post Bach degree in ceramics from UMass Dartmouth.